Yet another blog about personal projects and research, thoughts and ideas. Just about anything that I’m tinkering at the moment but focusing on one of my passions, Communications and Information Systems (CIS) security.


I was always fond of understanding how things worked, breaking them down and getting them back together. In high school I started moving away from hardware to software. I decided to follow an CIS specific course for the three years that preceded college. I was also an avid online gamer and when in college I decided to apply my basic reverse engineering skills (previously used against basic executable packers and the likes) with the online First Person Shooter (FPS) game Unreal Tournament.

Granted that at the time, the Unreal Engine was already somewhat documented (community effort), but on the other-hand, the anti-cheats systems were not. This was my first one hundred percent dedicated effort into the realm of CIS security. Experience was gained into Windows internals and development, assembly and the tools of the trade.

Later on, I started branching into other areas of CIS security. After finishing my degree, I was focusing on web based applications security when I took duties up as a software developer at a small consulting company. The company was small and diverse in activities, I was doing software development, middleware installation and support, and after my employers noticed my interest and skill in discovering security vulnerabilities in Web applications, I performed my first professional security assessment. After that, I got to do more security assessments and had the possibility to grow professionally in a area that I have always only been able to dedicate my free time.

Disclaimer and Support

Even though some of the content I create may relate to something I have been dealing or have dealt in the past in my work environment, my views are my own and not of my current or past employer. There is no support (i.e. financial or otherwise) from them, the development of this site and the creation of content that is published on it, is done on my own time.

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