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AnyConnect Elevation of Privileges, Part 2

In the previous part of this multi-part article, I explained how I reversed engineered one of the binaries of the Cisco AnyConnect (CAC) Secure Mobility Client. This allowed me to understand the header format of the network packets used in the Inter-Process Communication (IPC) mechanism. In this part, I will focus on doing a more dynamic analysis in order to understand what goes in the packet body.

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AnyConnect Elevation of Privileges, Part 1

The Cisco AnyConnect (CAC) Secure Mobility Client doesn’t have the brightest security track record. CVE-2015-4211 and CVE-2015-6305 are only two out of the fourteen CVEs that have been assigned to it just in 2015. This spiked my curiosity and prompted me to confirm if Cisco had properly fixed the underlying issue of these vulnerabilities.

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